Coldwater Lake and my first Bear sighting

This lake was created by the eruption of Mt St. Helens in 1980 and was the perfect spot for a picnic lunch shared with Cindy and Craig. Picnic tables are set up close to the lake. As we ate, the vibrant colors of the water beckoned us to explore and with so many trees lying around, I knew there were going to be some good photo opportunities.

The lake is about 45 miles east of Castle Rock and 6 miles from the Johnston ridge Observatory. There is a hike that goes all the way around the lake, but at 12 miles and 2000 feet of elevation gain, that was on the ticket for today. We just went on the much shorter ½ mile “Birth of a Lake” trail that took us to some very nice views of the lake, and the information boards were interesting.

(This photograph is available for sale)

These shots will definitely go into my collection of rotting wood photographs.

On the way back from the observatory, Cindy spotted something large and brown up on an embankment a little ways past the lake. I backed up the car and she confirmed, yes it was a bear sunning himself. With a long telephoto lens on my camera, Craig and I went to take a closer look. Well spotted Cindy.

Brought to you by Brian Bailey.

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One thought on “Coldwater Lake and my first Bear sighting

  • July 27, 2013 at 8:05 PM

    Nice pictures of the lake (and bear!). We were up there today scouting around for a good place to kayak and to take in Mount St Helens. We will definitely be back to Coldwater Lake. Beautiful.


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