Kelly Fountain

The Portland Water Bureau takes great care with their decorative fountains.  The fountain operations run from spring through fall from 6:30 am to 8 pm. The bureau makes a point of setting a time for performing maintenance and repairs to the fountains when they are not in operation. The bureau restores fountains to full operation as quickly as they possibly can if they see a repair work is necessary.

During winter months the decorative fountains are turned off for maintenance and repairs. The Kelly Fountain on SW 6th and Pine is no exception to this rule.  The Kelly was turned off temporarily on August 2007, due to Light Rail construction in the vicinity, which in turn impacted the Portland Water Bureau’s ability to have access to the vault that operates the fountain.

The water at the Kelly fountain flows over twenty foot steel shapes!  The fountain was designed by Lee Kelly, one of Portland’s most highly productive artists.

The fountain was installed in 1977.  The Portland Water Bureau worked in partnership with the Regional Arts and Culture Council so this once beautiful fountain could be restored to its original beauty once again, in the spring of 2004.

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Words by Glenda photos by Brian



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