Lavender Festival

Too much to do – I am giddy with choice!

One of the good things about the Portland area, or bad things depending upon how you look at, is that there is just too much going on – especially in summer. Yesterday was such a day. There was the Mississippi Street Fair that is always fun, but I also wanted to go out into the lavender fields that are all open this weekend as part of the Lavender Festival. Later in the day I went to watch The Tempest, a Shakespearean play put on by the Portland Actors Ensemble at the Lovejoy Fountain. Another blog on that sometime soon.

Lavender is one of the most flexible herbs that I know of. It can be used for just about anything from cooking, to soap, or just an excellent plant for the garden. The brochure I picked up from the Mountainside lavender farm that I visited lists 24 farms that are open as part of the celebration. I picked this one because it was the closest to where I live and also got the idea of going there from a recent Groupon that was offering cut price U-Pick on the bloom stalks.

In addition to being able to wander around the fields, there were lots of vendors there, some selling items related to lavender, and other presumably just local art and crafts people. Food and music were also provided. There were instructional lessons covering how to make wreaths and lavender wands and this wreath had just been made by someone who had never attempted it before.

There were lots of bees flying around the fields but even though I got very close to some of them with my camera, none bothered me. As one of the vendors said they are all as high as kites at the moment.

So go to, find a place near to where you live and get out there sometime today because today is the last day of the festival.

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