Portland Fountain Tour: Pettygrove Park

Next door to Lovejoy Fountain Plaza is Pettygrove Park. These are the two gentlemen for which we have to be thankful for Portland’s existence. Just as Lovejoy and Pettygrove used a coin to decide the name of the city, so that same coin was used to decide which park was to be named what. Psst – Lovejoy won this toss.

Pettygrove Park is located between the walkways that used to be 2nd and 3rd Avenues and Market and Harrison Street. This park was also created as part of the Urban Renewal Program along with Lovejoy and the Chimney fountains. This park contains mounds of grass and trees and in one corner contains a statue and reflecting pool. This is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a fountain.

The statue of a reclining woman, called The Dreamer, was built by Manuel Izquierdo (1925-2009). Izquierdo was professor emeritus of Pacific Northwest College of Art. It is a sculpture made out of malleable brass, sometimes called Muntz, which was previously used to line the hulls of ships. “The Dreamer’ speaks of hope, of beauty and serenity, of love, and for a better life in our midst.” is a quote attributed to Izquierdo. He filled the bronze sculpture with foam so that falling rain would make a gentle sound like a kettledrum rather than the ringing it would make if hollow.

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