The Sunflower and Van Gogh

Sometimes art or fiction leads the way waiting for the technology to catch up, but then there are times when technology enables art. This was certainly the case with Van Gogh and his sunflowers. He started painting these in 1887 when new pigments, such as he chrome yellows became available. He immediately made use of this to create painting that would not have been possible before this. He initially started painting them for Gauguin and painted cut flowers, but then later went to flowers in vases. It doesn’t really matter whether you like these painting or not, but most certainly the Van Gogh name almost became synonymous with them.

Now, if you are looking for something to do this coming weekend, and you like Sunflowers, then maybe you want to head up to Hood River where they are having their Van Gogh Days. This is the 9th year that they have held this mini celebration at the Rasmussen Farms. The blossoms continue throughout August, but on the 6th and 7th it will be coupled with a quilt show, live music, wine tasting. Over 60 varieties of sunflowers will be there to see.

Rasmussen Farms is open from 9am to 6pm every day of the week and they are located at 3020 Thomsen Road in Hood River. Take highway 35 south from I84. Turn left on Fir Mountain Rd and then right on Thomsen Rd.

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