The World’s Ugliest Building

There are many things that Portland is known for, roses, bridges, coffee, gardens…, but did you know that according to Travel and Leisure Magazine, we have the world’s ugliest building! Not just “an” ugly building but the ugliest in the world!

Let me include a quote from their article:

“In downtown Portland, OR, stands an imposing 15-story edifice that’s one of the most hated buildings in America. The façade is an off-putting hodgepodge of faux classical columns, strange and useless decorative elements, and penitentiary-like small windows, with a depressing color scheme (throwing in some tacky blue glass for good measure).”

So how about other people? Well Pietro Belluschi, another of Portland’s architects said “I think it’s totally wrong. It’s not architecture, it’s packaging. I said at the time that there were only two good things about it: ‘It will put Portland on the map, architecturally, and it will never be repeated.'”

It was featured on the covers of Time and Newsweek magazines. It appears as if the building was approved because it was different from the current “modern” style, which was the predominant style when it was built. Modern style are the glass and metal building that predominate most city skylines.

The building was found to have structural flaws soon after it was completed and eight years later parts of it had to be remodeled.

So which building am I talking about?

Everyone is of course correct – It is “Graves Mistake” – The Portland Building. The architect was Michael Graves. Comments left on my facebook page also referred to it as a Cake Wreck. As one person who had the mispleasure of working in the building, they said “the internal environment made me have ear and sinus problems (which of course I never had before I moved into the accursed PDX building.) Also suggested is they built the foundations the wrong way around such that Portlandia was on the wrong side of the building. Not sure that is true as Portlandia was added 3 years after the building was finished.

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