Attention to Detail

OK, now I know there every once in a while I mess up, spell a word wrong, get some punctuation or grammar wrong, or even – yes I admit it – make a factual error. When I do I am quickly humbled and try the best I can to correct the situation. But if I am going to stand in front of a large crowd of people, some of whom may be customers, or potential customers, I do check things for errors and I would at least get someone else to check them over for me for obvious errors.

That was clearly not the case with a presentation that I sat through yesterday. Now I am not going to name names – you know who you are and I suggest you fix your situation – quickly. And if Peggy was in the crowd I doubt that she would be as lenient as I am. OK, so the slide deck started to be displayed. I thought it was kind of amusing that a presentation that was talking about new technology and cutting edge subjects clearly stated that this was DAC 2010. So, were these the slides they didn’t get to show last year and just dusted them off? All of the slides were also company confidential and I don’t remember seeing the brainwashing machine at the exit. I just put these in the careless category.

But blatant sexism is NOT acceptable. The slide in question had four job categories display displayed in a circle – those categories – system designers, hardware engineers, software developers and verification engineers. Now for some reason they thought they had to bathroom sex signs on this chart and yes they had two of each, two men and two women. Now let’s play the stereotype game. Where do you think they put the male and female icons? Yes – of course, system designers and hardware developers are of course…

Shame on you guys. You need to go back to diversity training 101, you have gone down several notches in my level of respect for you, and if I ever see that slide again, I will tell everyone who you are.

Brought to you by Brian Bailey

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