Beauty in the abstract nature of wood

OK, I admit it, I have a fascination with rotting wood. I love to take photos of old stumps, wood that has been weathered or smoothed by the ocean, wood that is a food source for fungus, moss or a nurse logs. Part of it is because of the abstract nature of looking at exposed grain or other patterns that it has made. Part of it is because it is renewal in action.

You can use a piece of wood in many ways. It can be the primary subject, it can be a foreground anchor or it can help to point the viewer to another part of the picture. A lot of the time you are going to be very close to the subject, so be careful about your own shadow. Also think about the depth of field. This may cause you to use slow shutter speeds, so a tripod or other means of holding the camera steady may be necessary.

This is just a small collection from my rotting trees collection, but I hope you enjoy them and perhaps get some ideas from them. The next time you are out, don’t just pass by that rotting piece of wood, stop and find the beauty trapped within it.


Brought to you by Brian Bailey

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