Carolina Liar in the Bing Lounge

Portland is so lucky to have radio stations, such as KINK, that bring fresh, new music to us in a very personal way. Rather than play the same songs that the rest of the country plays, we find and support our own breed of music. Not only does Portland have many fabulous musicians of its own but groups such as Carolina Liar come and play in the Bing Lounge and Chad Wolf (lead vocalist) informs us that Portland gives them more air time than almost any other city in the country (only topped by New York and LA). Chad Wolf, originally from Carolina but more recently from LA, was joined by the Swedish contingent including Johan Carlsson on keyboard, Rickard Göransson on Guitar and Peter Carlsson on percussion. Perhaps one of the reasons that Portland loves them is that they do everything grass roots and put such high effort into everything. They would rather take their time and do it right than follow the lead of others.

This is such a colorful band and it is clear that they get on well with each other musically and personally. Speaking of color, Chad was dressed all in black apart from the feather in his hat and the shoes on his feet that were crazy wild. Oh and I guess I should mention they ride around in a hot pink bus (nice).

The first song they played was inspired by their touring around the US. Chad described a city such as Detroit that was in his eyes falling apart, but he said that when you come out and play a show in front of two or three thousand people you see that the spirit of the city is still there. Chad also talked about how he kept bumping into the woman who eventually became his wife over the course of 10 years, even though they didn’t really notice each other to start with.

It was so nice to listen to their music and their banter, and get to know the people behind the music we listen to on the radio.

Brought to you by Brian Bailey

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