Disaster is just around the corner

It was a blustery day in Portland today, not really high winds, but quite a few strong gusts. Trees have been put through a lot recently, especially the early bloomers that have had to deal with snow, rain and wind on their blossoms. There have been several reports on the news recently about trees that were felled, and one in particular about the effects of rot within the trees.

Today, Glenda and I were heading to the Buffalo exchange  – a second hand clothes buyer/seller to see if we could get anything for clothes that no longer fit or belonged in our closets. While we were heading down 33rd Avenue I saw that the road was blocked by a tree, and then we realized that there was a car under the tree.

I quickly found a place to park and was glad that I now keep a backup camera in the car – so off I went – the roving reporter! Luckily the owner of the car said that it was fully insured although maybe this one had escaped major damage. It seemed as if the only damage may have been a dent in the hood/fender and even the windshield had survived. However, it is always possible that additional damage will be done when they attempt to remove the tree.

So, check your trees. This one clearly showed a lot of rot in the crutch of the tree, so was a disaster waiting to happen. The 100 year old Elm in Portland had root rot which may not be quite as easy to spot. Luckily the woman who had that elm fall on her survived with just a broken collar bone.

Words and pictures by Brian

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