Eagle Creek – Loowit Falls

If you follow the Eagle Creek trail (exit 41 off Highway 84 – go to the end of the road, past the hatchery)) for about 3.1 miles you come to a spectacular waterfall – Loowit Falls. Also, because this part of the trail has been blasted out of the rock on the canyon the other side of the falls (there is a 100’ drop and steel cables to hold onto if you are nervous about heights), there is nothing to get in the way of enjoying this 60 foot falls. This is a tributary waterfall in that it is another stream that is joining Eagle Creek.

What makes this waterfall special is the almost perfectly round bowl that sits between the upper and lower parts of the falls.

According to local tribal lore, Loowit was an old woman who tendered an eternal fire burning on the Bridge of the Gods, who upon death transformed into Mount St. Helens.

A NW forest pass is required and a day pass can be purchased on site for $5. Just so you now, there is no entrance onto I84 heading back to Portland. You have to continue east and turn around at the next exit. Similarly if you are coming from the east, you have to go past Eagle creek and backtrack to exit 41.

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