Elizaveta in the Bing Lounge

As a technology writer, I am often telling people not to use superlatives and even to stay away from too many adjectives as they diminish your credibility and allow too much person opinion to come through, but today I heard Elizaveta in the Bing Lounge and quite frankly I want to use superlatives, but instead I just say, talented, beautiful, adaptable, genre creating, captivating singer, pianist songwriter.

One of the great things about kink.fm is that they bring new music to us and in some cases bring it to my ears before anyone else does. Often times I will see about a performance on their website and I have never heard of them before. As I go down through the list I listen to some of their music and decide if I want to hear them live or not. The other day I came across a new name Elizaveta Igorevna Khripounova. Oh my! She melts my heart with her songs, her playing and singing and thank you to kink, I am here sitting in the front row of the Bing Lounge, just a couple of feet away from this talented woman. Now this is a woman who is currently opening for another band and she should have her own show! I think she is that good! It is also helps that she is rather good looking, and loves vintage clothing. This is her first time in Portland and I hope she decides that this is a city worth coming back to regularly.

Anyways, I was trying to find out something interesting about her before the concert. On her blog it says: NYC-born, raised in Russia, spent some time in an Italian monastery, arrived in the U.S. & studied opera. The rest is history. WOW. Her first album ‘Beatrix Runs’ debuted on 1/24/2012 and she has just finished making a music video to go along with the first number that she played Dreamer.

Talking about genre creating. She has an operatic voice and uses both that and her “pop” voice to create Popera. She also uses her voice in an almost tympanic manner, adding to the many voices within her voice.

In the interview she humorously talked about some of the life backstage, and told us that she borrowed James’ juicer last night – to make carrot juice in. She described it as a very rock and roll moment.

She has been quite busy recently with a European tour and now is doing 10 shows with James and Thomas Dolby.

Please take a listen: You Don’t Know Me

Thanks Elizaveta and Kink.

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  • April 11, 2012 at 2:52 PM

    Beautiful woman, beautiful voice! Great photos!


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