New exhibitors at DAC this year

Have you wondered what new companies and technologies are going to be displayed at DAC this year? Well here is a list of the new companies (exhibiting at DAC for the first time) in the verification and ESL spaces and a little bit about what they are hoping to show. More details and a must see list coming in the next couple of weeks.

ApS Brno Ltd., Codasip Division – Booth 3218

This company, from the Czech Republic,  makes Application Specific  Instruction set processors (ASIP) which are one alternative that sits between the standard processors and custom logic. As such they are a necessary point to consider when making decisions at the ES level.

Chip Path Design Systems Booth – 3013

This company talks about semantic IC-Design which is a way to bring together IP blocks, integrated by a Network on Chip structure.

InPA Systems, Inc. Booth – 3216

FPGA-prototyping with full visibility and debug. That is what this company wants to bring to the off-shelf prototyping boards. This company definitely fits into both the verification space and the emerging need for hybrid prototypes to enable a full ESL flow.

Oski Technology, Inc. Booth – 1216

This is a formal verification services company that has a methodology for integrating formal into a more traditional simulation based verification methodology. They have some big name customers, so they must be doing something right.

Reveal Design Automation Booth- 2325

This company has taken the formal verification technology developed at Ann Arbor University in Michigan and has turned it into a commercial product. They are keeping pretty hush about it at the moment except to say that it is based on sophisticated abstraction techniques.

Rocketick Booth – 2914

This is going to get confusing. First we had gate Rocket with Rocket Drive, and now we have RocketSim from Rocketick.  This company speeds up simulation by running it on a GPU. They claim to support all of the major simulators with a 10X performance improvement for Verilog.

STM-Products/EDALab Booth – 1920

This one is a must see. STM has been the leader in adoption of ESL and on many occasions EDA companies have failed to deliver what ST wants. This gives us a peek inside of the tools they have developed internally and are now making available to the outside world. The first is a tool that automatically verifies embedded software using properties. The second is a translator from VHDL, Verilog, StateFlow, C, C++ into transaction level SystemC.

TinnoTek Inc. Booth – 3021

Power estimation at all levels of the design flow, including ESL – that is what this company is offering

Vayavya Labs Pvt. Ltd. Booth – 2019

This company is attacking the problem of generating device drivers from a specification of design intent. In addition they generate the RTL register map and documentation, plus a set of tests.

Veridae Systems Inc. Booth – 3212

One of the technologies that this company is talking about is debug for multiple FPGA prototypes as well as other pre and post silicon verification/validation capabilities.

If you are interested in the Pavilion panels, you can find my list here.

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