A Garden Full of Surprises

This may look like an ordinary garden, but it most certainly isn’t. Yes, it has bones (I mean in the sense that it has structure, but you never know with this garden), is well maintained and has lots of trees, shrubs, perennials and even self-seeded annuals – all of which are blooming profusely.

In many areas you will find interesting vignettes that mix statuary and plants in delightful ways.

So what makes this garden special?

Well, this is the garden of my friend Anne, and if you know Anne, or have ever been to her SE Portland garden, you know there are surprises lurking in every nook and cranny (Hmmm, maybe she needs a skeleton or two).

Everywhere you look, there is something just a little unexpected, and in some places verging on the bizarre. It is not a huge garden, and yet to see everything takes a long time. It has lots of tiny rooms and passageways everywhere, and I know I probably missed many things. I am equally sure that tomorrow the garden will take on a different character altogether, as well as pick up another bit of character.

Oh yes – and the garden is patrolled by a savage beast, prepared to knock you over is insufficient attention is provided.

So, if you ever get an invitation to one of Anne events, be prepared to get lost in her garden and you will enter another world of color, imagination and her sense for the extraordinary.

Thanks Anne.

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