Google – your account has been suspended

There was a time when we all cheered when Google managed to do something that mighty Microsoft couldn’t achieve or gave us some new capability that shook up the status quo. Alas those days are gone and in the past week, Google has given me two reasons to now think that they are indeed the new number one enemy on the Internet. First, after just a month of using their advertising on my blog, they decided that they were going to discontinue the account, with no explanation, and while they gave me the chance of an appeal (that was a joke in itself), they are the judge and jury and will provide you with no information about why the verdict was reached. There is no further option to appeal and the sentence is forever. No change of release or parole.

Then, Google Chrome stops running a bunch of pages because they don’t like the version of Java that I am running. Sad to say, the installation of the latest version of Java has been problematic with me and so I have no choice but to go back to using Firefox.  Google, your account with me has been suspended. I have sold the stock I owned in your company and will not be using using your services in the future.

So I have started to look around at what other services I am using from Google, and will be replacing as many of them as I can, as quickly as I can. While I may be only a single voice, if they continue to treat other people the way they are treating me, then they will have their comeuppance. I will take my business elsewhere.

Brought to you by Brian Bailey


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