James Hunter Six in the Bing

James Hunter brought his group from London and after playing last night at the Aladdin Theater, they graced us with their presence for a few numbers in the Bing Lounge before rushing up to Seattle for their next gig.

James Hunter said that last night they had a lively crowd that jumped around a lot. In their interview with Pringle from KINK radio they joked that they prefers a smaller, intimate venue because they have a specific alchemy that enables them to turn large crowds into small ones. The English have a knack of getting you to like them by making fun of themselves.

The James Hunter Six have just recorded their first album together “Minute by Minute” produced by Gabriel Roth (Grammy for engineering and many other notable accomplishments). James described Roth as a guy with infinite patience and relentless sarcasm – exactly the kind of conditions that they work well under.

The band contains:

  • Lee Badau – Baritone sax
  • Damian Hand – Tenor sax
  • Diddly Dave Mason – several drums
  • Jason Wilson – Upright bass
  • Kyle Koehler – keyboards

While he has two previous albums under his own name, he decided it was time that they all shared in the blame. So they started to think of a new band name and they put a load of suggestions into a hat, but they threw the hat away because they were all so corny. Pringle asked them to name just one of the suggestions for which he offered Dicky Heart and the Pacemakers.

Pringle asked if they identified as 50 or 60’s music to which James replied that they were just pop music, or at least it would earn that term this year by selling a lot of copies. We don’t give it a name, but the closest thing is probably soul music.

Pringle started that everyone who had a sound like theirs started life as a Journey tribute band, but James said that they had been at it so long that they were now their own tribute band. When I was growing up it was all Gary Newman and Duran Duran so that is why I play this stuff.

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