Larch Mountain – Sherrard Point

I have written about Sherrard Point before, so will not repeat myself, but this place is such an amazing place to be. The grandeur and majesty of the mountains and the forests brings so much into perspective and at the same time makes you feel glad to live so close to such a great amount of natural splendor. Have I used enough superlatives? Not really, because at times I find that places such as this are just indescribable. Photographs cannot do it justice – it just has to be experienced.

The road this year was opened fairly late. There are gates at the 10 mile mark along the road that keep the top section closed from first snow through to when the snows have receded and any necessary road repairs made. There were still small patches of snow at the top in places where the sun does not shine, but not too much and none that gets in the way of making the short hike to the viewpoint.

Spring has come, and there are wildflowers everywhere. I got to see more of the Bear Grass flowers (Xerophyllum tenax) as well as Penstemon, Avalanche Lillies (Erythronium montanum), Paintbrush (Castilleja) and so much more.

Brought to you by Brian Bailey

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