Portland Fountain Tour: The Lovejoy Fountain Plaza

The Lovejoy is perhaps one of the least know, but at the same time most magical, fountains of Portland. It is tucked away, not visible from any street, creating a quiet sanctuary nestled in the bustling city. Designed by a well known San Francisco architect – Lawrence Halprin (who also did Ghiradelli Square) – it was named after one of the founding fathers of Portland – Asa Lovejoy.

The wading pool at the top is reminiscent of a mountain lake, but the water falls over its lip and comes crashing down over a series of cascading steps until it again finds peace in the lagoon at the bottom. It was built in 1966 as part of the Portland Development Commission’s South Auditorium District Urban renewal program.

The fountain surprises many visitors as it a modern, concrete work and contains little if any softness in the form of vegetation, and yet it works. The fountain only operates in the summer. It has also been used as the stage for open air plays, such as The Tempest in 2011.

Other fountains in the same area include: The Source or Chimney, The Dreamer, Ira Kelley

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