Lucia Falls on the East Fork Lewis River

There are some waterfalls that have less than inspiring specification. Take for example Lucia falls: tallest drop – 15 feet, average width – 50 feet. Given that description you may not think it is worth seeing, but in this case you would be so wrong. This is a wonderful falls and the area around it is so much fun. Pools, rocks to scramble on, wildflowers. It is clear that in the height of the rain season there is probably less rock to scramble on as much of it will be covered in water. That is because the whole thing is basically constructed on bedrock that is somewhat flat, so it doesn’t take much extra water for new channels to be created and pools to form.

There are a couple of levels of waterfall. While I was there a kayaker got stuck on the lower falls and had to carry his kayak around the falls and then did a rather spectacular dive off the side while in the kayak (ok, so it probably only about 4 foot drop but it looked impressive and for a moment all but his head disappeared under water).

I hope someone can identify this wildflower for me that was growing along the banks of the falls. It looks something like a bachelor button.

Brought to you by Brian Bailey

To get there head towards Battle Ground in Washington. Take SR 503 north for about 5 1/2 miles then turn right on NE Rock Creek Road. This turns into NE Lucia Falls Road and the county park will be seen on the right hand side after about 5 miles.

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