Meiko in the Bing Lounge

Meiko grew up in a small town – a very small town. Roberta Georgia. Population 808. The log home she grew up in was built by her father. Her father was musical and used to play guitar and sing to her as a child. She had her first public performance as a singer at age 8 and got her first guitar when she was 13 because her father was tired of her knocking around his Gibson. She moved to one of the largest cities – Los Angeles when she was 18 and lives there now. She is dubbed as Folk Rock / Indie / Pop which is a pretty accurate description of her music. She released her first album in 2007 and all of the tracks from it have been used in network TV shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, Moonlight, Kyle XY, 90210 and many others. Her music has also been used in a number of movies.

Meiko is quarter Japanese and felt separated from her heritage, so she and her sister created nicknames for themselves. She started to use the name for herself and it stuck. Her father encouraged her to follow her heart and she has.

She sings of her experiences, most of which involve her heart and it shows when she singes them as well. With most of her songs she clearly goes to a different place in her mind as she closes her eyes and imagines being there in the moment. One song she performed was after she had been in a stable relationship for a while and was “getting tired of writing super happy love songs”, so, she imagined what it would be like to have a scandalous secret love affair. Take a listen to this track “Leave the Lights On”.

She has a new album coming out May 15th called The Bright Side.

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