An Onion in Time

A few years back (2008 to be exact), Walla Walla had a great exhibition of sculptures along their sidewalks. The town, best known for its sweet onions, had a display of decorated onions, much like other towns have decorated cows. This exhibition consisted of 6 onions, all in very different styles and using different techniques. These two pictured in this blog were, to me, the most creative. I think it is a shame that they did not use this to start a tradition because this exhibition.

Sweet Reflections was designed by Floyd Bunt, Nancy MacDuff and Ronnie Williams and created by Gilded Glass, a local company, out of thousands of pieces of stained glass. For a complete blog detailing the construction of this, please take a look here.

The other one that I thought was highly creative was titled Entwined and was meant to depict the rolling landscape around Walla Walla. It is created out of twine of various thicknesses and by the time I got to see it, it was becoming a little untwined. However the artists (Meghan Urback, Mia Huth and Elsbeth Otto), from Whitman college  knew that the work would weather and change with the seasons.

So, if anyone from the Walla Walla sweet onion marketing committee is listening, this is worth doing again and making it a part of why people come to your town – as well as the onions and the wine!

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