Pat Travers Band in the Bing Lounge

Some groups from the 70s and 80s survive with much the same lineup as when they started, other seem to provide a revolving door for artists, anchored by a lead. The latter is very much the case with Pat Travers who has more band members than I care to recount. But despite what may have been a lot of upset within the group, he commands a loyal fan base. When asked how many people in the audience have been with Pat since the 70’s, a loud roar erupted in the Bin Lounge.

He still plays much of the same kind of music that defines the rock era and as you can imagine, that is a whole lot of sound to fill the diminutive Bing Lounge and fill it he did, both with sound and people. He played a great set of blues turned into rock along with lots of screaming guitars. In the interview at the beginning of the concert he admitted that he has bluesy bones in his body but he enjoys the rock thing too.

Pat told us that he has a new CD coming out next month titled Blues on Fire and his first independent EP release titled Dogs and Guitars. Pat has been in the studio a lot this year and creating a lot of new music. His creativity levels are high and have been for several months which will all lead up to a new studio album for the band which is due next year.

To get of a taste of his music, here is Pat Travers as recorded today in the Bing Lounge. At the end of the concert, he handed me his guitar pick. Should I become a groupie?

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One thought on “Pat Travers Band in the Bing Lounge

  • July 17, 2012 at 6:03 PM

    You are my favorite groupie! Great shots, watched you take pictures on the BING page.


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