Reflections of Pittock Mansion

I have written about Pittock Mansion in the past and will not repeat myself. Please take a look at this blog if you have a general interest about the mansion or the Pittock’s role in Portland history.

Mirrors date back way into history. Early ones just used shiny metal surfaces for reflection, but glass mirrors started to appear around the 1 century AD although at that time they were small hand mirrors. By the 16th century, silver, full length mirrors were available and improved manufacturing techniques after that made them common place in homes. These images are of Pittock Mansion reflected in mirrors. The first is of the music room, perhaps my favorite room in the house, with the piano and harp elegantly displayed.

This is a reflection of the grand staircase with some added flowers and candlestick.

This is a curved mirror that enables almost the entirety of one of the bedrooms to be seen.

Brought to you by Brian Bailey

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