New Sculptures in Gallery Without Walls 2011 part 2

The Gallery without Walls is an outdoor sculpture exhibition put on by Lake Oswego. Each year some of the pieces are rotated out and new pieces take their place.

Here are some of the new sculptures that I found within the core area of Lake Oswego. It is possible that there are others, but so far there has been no information from the city on their website about the new exhibits. These will be on display for two years and then one of them will move into the permanent collection. This is part 2, the first group of 7 sculptures can be found here.

Lee Kelly Angkor 1 “Inspired by Angkor Wat. On loan from the artist.

Bruce West Stainless Steel #10 “One a year for the past ten years.”

Bud Egger – Heron. Vermont marble. “Marble reclaimed from Oregon State Capitol building in 1982 during a restoration project.”

Olinka Broadfoot – Siblings. Bronze “Interconnections: At times through our hearts, at times by our will, at times unconsciously, but always.”

George Tobolowsky – The Road through Texas, 2010. Steel recycled. “This piece represents 3 different museum shows that I will have throughout Texas in 2010 and 2011. As you can see, an artist has to travel many roads.”

Ralph Gilliam – Guardians of the Journey. Mild steel – Auto finish in 3 reds. “A guardian of the journey encountered on the Way.”

David Middlebrook – Life on the Bubble. Basalt, Bronze. “Life on the Bubble is a delicate balance of life and sustainability for the native peoples and modern society. The inner tube, the primitive (sic) spoon, the amazon, lungs of the planet… connect the dots.”

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