A SOAK’n we will go

It is time – time for the fun and festivities to begin, for today SOAK begins. SOAK is the Portland regional Burning Man event and it takes place this year in Tidewater, OR, just inland from Waldport. Few people know what to expect as it is a new venue this year, but I do know that when you bring a few hundred like minded people together, all set on having fun, then that is what will happen.

(Anne practicing riding the pony – sort of this year’s theme)

Here are just a few images of the event from the past couple of years. As always, it does reach a finale when the effigy of a man is burned to the ground.

But don’t think about joining us if you don’t have tickets because they won’t let you in. Sorry – you will have to wait until next year.

Brought to you by Brian Bailey

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