Surendorf a hit in Columbia

For the past few days, there have been no blogs because I have been busy helping Cindy Surendorf put on an exhibition and fund raiser in the old Gold mining town of Columbia California. The exhibition is of her father’s work, an artist who lived in Columbia before it was acquired by the state and turned into a state park – an attempt to preserve an old gold mining town before it fell into disrepair and to keep it as a historical record.

It is a matter of opinion as to whether they succeeded, but the original state and feel of the town was captured by Charles F. Surendorf in a series of linoleum prints – the entire series was on display for the past two days and continues tomorrow. This complete collection has not been on display for over a decade and is part of Cindy Surendorf’s goal to get art education back into the high school curriculum. This has been the first attempt at raising money to get this program started and the response has been tremendous.

It will now be possible for Cindy to return in October for an entire month of education programs in each of the areas four high-schools and spend a week with each of them teaching about art, the work and techniques of her father and putting on workshops to enable them to try their hand at block printing. Their work will be judged and scholarships awarded as well as their artwork being put on display.

I am honored to be spending my time documenting the event in terms of pictures and helping put the exhibition together. It feels really good to be doing something for the cause and not for any form of compensation. The only form of compensation I need is to feel good about what I am doing, the company I have and the people I meet and get to talk to and learn their stories.

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