Tulips from Woodburn

Somehow, I don’t think it sounds quite as catchy as the original, but there are most certainly some very original tulips on display in the Wooden Shoe tulip fields, just outside of Woodburn. While there are the mainstream tulips that they sell as named varieties, they also do mixed tulips that include all different colors, striped ones, lacy ones, intricately patterned ones, different shapes, sizes and well, enough of them to totally blow your socks off!

I have written about Wooden Shoe in the past and don’t want to repeat everything I said or showed last year. Instead this year I am just going to let you feast your eyes on some of the amazing tulips that wanted to stand in front of my lens. I am also very pleased with my new lens. For those who know about such things, it is a 100m macro lens that lets me get real close. Even so, you have to be so careful with focus and depth of field when you are that close (yes, I was about 18 inches or less for most of these shots) and most of the them had an aperture setting of 16 or 22, and yet some of them could have benefited from even more depth of field. Still, I love the way they turned out, and I hope you can enjoy them as well. Now I will shut up and let you feast your eyes on them.

It costs $5 per car for admission during the week and $10 at weekend. They will be open for another week (Until May 6th)

Brought to you by Brian Bailey

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