Yamhill Valley Vineyard

It is always fun going wine tasting, and finding a new winery that you are not familiar with. That was the case this last weekend with Yamhill Valley Vineyards. Located east of McMinnville it is the bucolic Willamette valley with beauty in every direction.

YVV has been here for 29 years, making it the oldest winery in McMinnville and their vines testify to that. It is great seeing the gnarly canes with the earliest signs of their shoots, telling us that another batch of grapes is on the way. And I know that YVV will be doing great things with it. YVV has over 100 acres planted and their specialty is Pinot, of the Gris, Blanc and Noir varieties. They also have a Riesling to throw into the mix.

It was wonderful doing a tasting while sitting on their expansive deck behind the winery. Yes – April can be a very pleasant month. I had my shorts on, and the sun was shining. Perfect day. All of their wines are available for tasting – including the exclusive Tall Poppy Pinot Noir, a wine that they have only made 6 times in their 27 years of production.

I was particularly taken by their Pinot Blanc. It is light, refreshing but a perfect amount of flavor for sipping on a summer’s day. A case of it just happened to fall into the truck of my car thanks to Linda Arnold, the tasting room manager who was very attentive to everyone enjoying the afternoon.

I highly recommend a trip to this winery.

Words and pictures by Brian Bailey

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